August 2019 Mustang Image

Featured Image for August 2019

"Handsome Max"

There is so much to love about Max.  He can look so different depending on the light and the weather.  We had done portraits of him in the barn a couple of days before this, and his mane was brushed and straight.  His coat looked darker in the barn (you'll see one of those images in a future image release).  Outside on this day, the damp air had put a wave in his mane and I just love it.  And then when he looks at me... I'm mesmerized.

I've had this printed on canvas at 30"x 40" and you can pry it away from me for $175.00

This photograph was taken on May 23, 2019 at Return to Freedom's Wild Horse satellite Sanctuary location in San Luis Obispo, in California's Central Coast region.
For more information on the Mustangs living in sanctuary, visit the Return to Freedom website.

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