Digital Photography:  Exploring How You See the World

Photography Workshops with Lori Sortino

Group Courses or Individual Private Lessons


Private Lessons

By Arrangement  Location:  SLO County
Three 60-90 minute private lessons, to total 4 hours.

You bring the agenda.  This is great for photographers with very specific questions and goals.

$240 payable all at once or $60 per hour pay as you go.

Contact Lori to register

2020 Photography Workshops & Classes

Photography Basics           Two Six week Courses

Spring 2020      Location:  North SLO County, TBA

Capturing Images - Six meetings
Every week for 6 weeks 

Each Photo Excursion meeting will be 2 hours, in various locations

This course is perfect for photographers who have been using their DSLR on auto mode and who would like to begin to utilize the manual settings on their cameras.  We will go over photography basics:  camera settings, lighting, exposure, and composition.  

$125* per attendee, paid up front - no refunds for missed classes.     Class Size Limited 

Editing Images in LightRoom and Photoshop - Six meetings
Every week for 6 weeks 

This is a lab that will meet for 2 hours a week.  You will bring your laptop, loaded with software and your images and you will edit along with others.  Everyone learns from each other and shares learning.  

$125* per attendee, paid up front - no refunds for missed classes.     Class Size Limited 

*fee subject to increase based on facilities expenses and any other participation costs

woman taking photograph in Sedona Canyon white clothes
girl sitting on rocks at beach
If you're interested in hiring Lori to teach photography, please get in touch!
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