Disappearing Mustangs of the American West

Featured Image for March 2024

"Disappearing Mustangs of the American West"

The image I started with, of the mustang on the hill standing behind the tall brush was originally going to be named "Protect" because that's the word and the energy that the image conveyed to me.  A single guard or watch horse will take on the role of protecting the herd from danger.  They often rotate this role.  Their job is to alert the herd to any potential danger.

I began to play with the image and this is what emerged.  I didn't start out with the intention to make a statement, but one emerged.  It would suit an editorial piece on the current narrative of many wild horse advocacy groups.  Is the sun setting on the protection ideals of the Wild Horse and Burro act of 1971?  Will it be saved?  What exactly HAS happened under the programs of the Bureau of Land Management?  It varies from state to state.  Was that the intention?  

While I continue to follow both sides as well as bystanders and reporters who try to be unbiased, all I've concluded is that it's a complex issue involving more than one -- more than two -- more than several -- "stakeholders".  I continue to sort through the information out there.  Educating myself is a long ongoing process.  I hope this encourages YOU to do your own research on the issues.

The mustang image that has been "ghosted" was taken at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary in Lompoc, California on May 20, 2019.  The image has been added to the Fine Art Gallery.  

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