Isaiah Rodriguez

Name Isaiah Rodriguez

Graduating From: Atascadero High School Degree: HS Diploma

Future Plans: Cuesta College, The Cuesta Promise


My experience: It’s been rough not being able to go to school and see my friends, but being able to talk online and doing voice calls is a good way to connect while staying safe.  I worked at the movie theater in Atascadero and I was going to get promoted when I graduated, but with the theater being closed I’m missing out on that promotion.  That’s a bummer not be able to work and see people I work with, but it’s for the best to keep people safe.


How I reacted in thought and action: We need to settle down, be careful; accepting the news and adjusting accordingly


One difficult thing was: Missing prom, Grad Night, and Formal Graduation


Something that stood out during this experience: The lack of structure in terms of waking up and doing what I’m supposed to do throughout the day.  Without that structure I have a different sleep schedule and I eat at different times.  I guess this is the new normal.


I care about:  What’s best for society and that’s more important than my personal wants and needs right now.


My take-away: Get through day by day


Final Thoughts:  There’s completion with graduation and the start of the next chapter of my life.  Moving from one structure of education to a new work focused structure.


Lori’s Summary:  Isaiah struck me as caring, proactive and grounded.  He spoke with a high level of commitment to keeping everyone safe and working with the situation without too much need to make it other than what it is. 

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