Mitchel Savery-Orton

Name Mitchel Savery-Orton

Graduating From: Templeton High School Degree: HS Diploma

Future Plans: Move to Santa Barbara and attend SBCC.  I was accepted to Cal Poly, but with their announcement that they’ll be doing online classes, plus the unclear dorm situation, I decided to delay going there and go to City College.  I’ll rent a house with a couple friends.  Eventually I think I want to major in construction management.


How I was affected: It was super surprising.  I remember there was something on Friday that I needed to do at school and I decided I’d just do it on Monday.  And then we never went back to school.


One positive thing was:  The unemployment checks.  I got laid off, so I got paid but didn’t have to work. 


One difficult thing was:  I’ve gone to school with all my friends, seeing them every day since like 2nd grade, so it’s pretty weird not seeing them every day and not having that good-by you’re supposed to have at the end of your senior year.

Lori’s Summary:  Mitchel Savery-Orton and Ian Strain have been friends since they were 4.  They are both taking steps into the future with precaution and a wait and see attitude.  They are clearly very social, fun loving and enjoy being outdoors.

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