Morgan Moretti

Name Morgan Moretti

Graduating From: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Degree: BS in Chemistry


How I was affected: I actually finished my classes winter quarter, so I finished before this all started.  I was supposed to take a trip to Europe April 1st, so that didn’t happen, and I was supposed to have a big graduation party with family and friends and that’s not happening, and I’m not walking (commencement).  This is my biggest accomplishment in life, so I’m missing out on the celebration.


Some of the emotions I’ve experienced:  Anxiety, sadness, and then acceptance.


One positive thing was: I got my diploma in the mail, so that was exciting and it feels more real!

Lori’s Summary:  Morgan was one of the first people I interviewed and photographed and one who I was giving lots of space to in the early part of this process, so I spent less time with her compared to my other participants, hence the short story!

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