Lori shooting at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary 2018
Lori Sortino green hat Bryce National Park hike

Portrait Photography

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Freelance Photography

Typical Assignments:

  • Create images for Web sites
  • Create images for publications
  • Create head shots of all staff members for Web site
  • Photograph an event and provide images for the client
  • “We can’t find the exact image we want on stock photo sites.  Can you help us?”
  • Create a series of images to document a transformation of a building, construction on a site, or other before/after images for archives

Photography Instruction

  • Create and Develop Your Style
  • Improve your camera knowledge
  • Increase your abilities to create new and different types of images
  • Explore the unique way you see the world through photography
  • Create a series of images to document an experience and/or tell a story
  • Experience the joy of your creative expression
  • See what new things you can discover about the world of photography and about yourself!
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