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  • Come Up for AIR Artists' Circle
  • Watercolor Wednesdays at the Hollister Artisans Mercantile

Come Up For AIR (Art Intersections Rock)

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Come Up For AIR

What is it?

A gathering of artists, creatives, and makers. 

Why gather?

To explore the intersections of our art, our lives, our journeys.

To share our struggles, our triumphs, our creations, and our stumbles. 

To hold one another.  To witness.  To be witnessed.  

To remind ourselves  "I matter."  "I am enough."  "I am valuable."  "I am loved, wanted, and needed."  "I am essential."

From Lori:

Why I want to be part of a Circle of Artists/Creatives/Explorers

Short Version:

Isolation vs. Connection


I want to:

  • See what you’re doing beyond the facebook or Instagram posts

  • Hear about your experiences - stories, details

  • Learn and be inspired

  • Share my experiences


What I bring:

  • Invitation to circle up

  • Creating and maintaining a safe space through group agreements

  • Personally Practicing my balance of humor, fun, humility, and sacredness

  • Hosting (structure, agenda, topics)


You are invited to:

  • Show up with an open mind, open heart, and an open sketchbook

  • or JUST SHOW UP!

  • Share what you’re working on or dreaming in

  • Ask questions of others about their art, process, experience

  • Share what you’ve learned / are learning

  • explore your relationship with art


Next Step:

  • To join the virtual group, fill out an interest form.  Lori will contact you.  (If she doesn't, give her a shout!)
  • To join the in person gatherings in Hollister, sign up via the Hollister Artisans Mercantile web site.  If there's nothing in the calendar for the current month, then it is not currently available.  Contact Lori directly for more information on in person circle.

Watercolor Wednesdays

Ten week watercolor class series, to explore the medium, techniques, and styles.  July 3 - September 4th.  Register and pay through Hollister Artisans Mercantile.

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