Shaley Gunther

Name Shaley Gunther

Graduating From:  CSU Long Beach Degree: Anthropology

Future Plans: Don’t ask.  Anthropology is a very broad field.  I’ve left my options open.  Who knows where things are going after all this.


What was it like staying at home: I had an apartment where I could shelter-in-place so I was fortunate to have my own solitude. 


One positive thing was: I had a supportive group of study mates who helped me with online learning.  It could have been worse.


One difficult thing was:  I would have preferred to get my money’s worth.  I could have spent far less money getting an online degree!


Some of the emotions I experienced when this all started:  Disappointment, but I don’t want to complain.  I was fortunate enough to make the choice to attend a 4 year University, which is a privilege.  I got to spend one semester and a half at CSULB.  I worked hard to graduate early and this is how it played out.


What’s your school’s current thinking on commencement plans:  Well today would have been my day (Wed, May 20, 2020) and they’re saying vaguely that they’d like to have some sort of ceremony.  Maybe I’ll just continue to celebrate for the next 6 months.


Something that you observed during this experience:  My vocal placement has changed since quarantine has started because of all of the different online forms of communication.  In theater they teach you not to talk on the phone during shows because your placement changes.  So I’ve been having a lot of problems with zoom lectures and discussions.  Typically when you speak - when you project you become a little more nasally and you put your voice in the front more.  When you speak online you’re a little more in the back of the throat.  They call it vocal fry. 


Something Unexpected that came up: I had to overcome some anxiety about posting things on the internet.


New things that came about while staying at home:  Distance dating happened.  We actually met 5 years ago working in the theater together and then we recently reconnected at one of my best friends’ wedding and she suggested we go out on a date - and this was just before the lock-down happened.  We have been communicating via the internet for about two months and then finally went on some dates.  We’ve been quarantining for 2 months and decided... This is like the weirdest courting situation ever… in order to go out on a date you have to have a discussion about exclusivity.  So now we’re dating so we’re allowed to hold hands and stuff now.  I like him a lot.

Lori’s Summary:  Shaley enunciates like a theater person and moves (and poses) like a theater person so I immediately felt a connection (having been a theater person myself).  Her sense of humour put me at ease and I loved that she brought props for the photos!  

As a side note, I met and worked with her father before she was born, so it was a joy to be able to get to know her through this project!

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