Featured Image for May 2022

"Mustang Mood Light"

I have a whole series of photos of this herd moving across the hill where we were watching them, late in the day.  I love the rich color in the dust they stir up when the sun is low in the sky, and the high contrast that produces these beautiful less detailed horse shapes that just represent the whole iconic horse image.  I spent a day with the mustangs in San Luis Obispo last month (without my camera!) and just reconnected with them and the magic they bring to my life.  They remind me to be present and worry less; to be here now.

This image was taken at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary in San Luis Obispo, California on July 17, 2021.   This image of the month has been added to the on line Fine Art Gallery!

"Light and Breezy"

Luca is 1/2 Holsteiner Warmblood, 1/4 Friesian, and 1/4 Percheron and is 17.1 hands tall (that's big).  Luca is derived from the Latin name, Lucas, meaning “bringer of light.”   He loves to play-spar with his stallion mate Thunder that he grew up with; both born in 2019.

This image was taken at Greg Davis' Making Pegasus ranch in Lockwood, California on January 16, 2022.   This image of the month has been added to the on line Fine Art Gallery!

senior portrait female suit vest bow tie top hat

From a recent senior portrait shoot in Atascadero

senior portrait female lake water background
senior portrait female suit vest jacket bow tie top hat

Lori Sortino is a freelance and portrait photographer in Paso Robles.  She does senior portraiture for Atascadero High School, Templeton High School, and Paso Robles High School as well as other schools in San Luis Obispo County.

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