Featured Image for April 2022

"Forever Friends"

This was a touching moment between "Magum Opus" (front) and "Love the Night Sky" behind him.  These two stallions were stall mates growing up and have played together since birth.  "Magum Opus" is affectionately known as 'Mo' and is 1/2 Shire, 1/2 Gypsy.  His mother is "Magic" and his sire is "Seneca".  He was born in June 2018. 

"Love the Night Sky" was born on the 4th of July, 2018!  An American Saddlebred, he got his name because he was born on Independence Day and his coat pattern looks like fireworks.  He is homozygous tabiano, which means all of his offspring will have the same coat pattern.  This is very rare in American Saddlebred.

This image was taken at Greg Davis' Making Pegasus ranch in Lockwood, California on March 3, 2022.   This image of the month has been added to the on line Fine Art Gallery!

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