Featured Image for March 2023

"Stray Strands Delight"

My theme in life this week has been hair, so when I sat down today to select an image of the month, it had to be this one.  I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, and my hair began to fall out two days ago.  I had long hair to my waist, so there were just these long strands coming into my presence constantly.  In honor of all stray strands of hair everywhere - here is your image of the month!

This image was taken in a covered barn with a single light source from windows above the arena in June of 2021.  The idea was to capture the essence of motion in the horse with a limited use of light.  

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P.S. If you ever find yourself in a position to donate hair (human hair, horse hair, and even fur), please check out the HUMSUM organization.  Hair to help the environment!  I cut off 14 inches of my hair (before it was too late) and donated it to this organization.

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