The Approach

Featured Image for December 2023

"The Approach"

I needed a horse day this month.  A day to just be with horses, connecting and healing.  After spending the day soaking up horse energy, I brought my camera out as the sun went down.  I was approached by several mares in the herd and spent several minutes with each one, as they took turns approaching me, inhaling to take in my scent, and allowing me to touch, rub, or scratch them.  This image represents my experience that day, allowing "the approach" of each horse who chose to be with me.

This image of "Chanel" was taken at Mystic Meadows Genetics, home of the Pegasus Project in Lockwood, California on November 10, 2023.  This is the venue for one of the 2024 Equine Photography Workshops.  The image has been added to the Fine Art Gallery.  

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