Cole Koscheka

Name Cole Koscheka

Graduating From: Paso Robles High School Degree: HS Diploma

Future Plans:  Attend Cal Poly Pomona pursuing theater arts with plans to launch a career in entertainment.


Something that stood out during this experience:  I moved here last semester and started school at PRHS in the 12th grade. I didn’t know I was going to move when I finished my junior year and didn’t know I wasn’t going to see my friends again and this has the same energy.  March 13th was our last day and I didn’t realize I was never going to see my Paso friends again on campus. 


Some of the emotions I experienced when this all started:  Devastating.  Felt like everything was stripped away.  


One difficult thing was: Not being able to see my friends again, and working so hard on rehearsals (for the spring musical, Mama Mia) and not being able to perform it.


Something that Surprised me: There was a sense of relief about not going back to school and it feels like summer and is more relaxing than going to school even though we still have schoolwork to do.


Something Unexpected that I learned: I learned a lot about myself.  I became very self-reflective, thought about why things were happening, looked at my insecurities, came to the conclusion they had no merit and that helped them drop away.  Connecting with others and realizing they had the same insecurities was an aha.


What was it like staying at home:  Quiet

Lori’s Summary:  Cole was my first scheduled interview and I was struck by his willingness to jump in and collaborate to create images, and his candid shares about his experience.

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