Delaney Black

Name Delaney Black

Graduating From: Atascadero High School Degree: HS Diploma

Future Plans:  Cuesta for 2 years and then transfer to a 4 year college, interested in Psychology, but I want to explore what other options there are. 


How I was affected: Half of me loved it (some of my friends don’t go to my school), and half of me was bummed.  I really missed going to lunch with my friends, hanging out, or going to the beach.


Some of the emotions I experienced when this all started: Disappointed about graduation ceremonies and missing senior activities.


One positive thing was: Spending more time with family, pets, and nature


One difficult thing was: Not being able to ask the teacher questions in person and get an immediate answer.


Something that Surprised me: Doing schoolwork at home was way easier.


Something that stood out during this experience: Facetime got me through! My friendships are important and that was the way we stayed connected.


Something Unexpected that I learned: I’ve learned how to keep myself busy and be more independent.


New things I did while staying at home: Painting more!  I like getting what’s in my head out on paper.

Lori’s Summary:  Delaney agreed to toss her graduation cap in the air for me.  I see her as very kind, cooperative, and someone who values relationships.

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