Hannah Williams

Name Hannah Williams

Graduating From: Templeton High School Degree: HS Diploma


Future Plans:  Cuesta College, Associates Degree in Studio Art and a Certificate in Photography



How I was affected: Friday the 13th, ironically, I remember the teachers were gathered outside the classroom and then they came back into the classroom and told us they were talking about cancelling school, but they thought it was unlikely.  Then later that day the email went out announcing that school was cancelled.  It’s been hard.  I’ve worked 12 years expecting to graduate and watch all my friends graduate.  


Some of the emotions I experienced when this all started:  It feels unfair missing out on graduation, also disbelief at the length of time school was cancelled.  I’m feeling weird and out of sorts because I was used to being around people at school every day and now I’m just around my parents.


One difficult thing was: Figuring out the online learning and having no interaction with teachers and classmates - I don’t grasp the information as well without that interaction and explanation.


Something that stood out during this experience:  How much I miss my teachers.


Something that I learned about myself: I learned how patient I am


What was it like staying at home: I definitely had to keep myself busy so I didn’t just sit and stare at a screen all day.  I’ve been doing projects; worked on my garden and finished that.


My take-away: I’m really proud of all the seniors for staying strong and sticking together.

Lori’s Summary:  Hannah struck me as gentle and kind.  When I learned of her interest in photography I invited her to come shoot with me some time!  She would be fun to be around.

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