I can fly!

Featured Image for July 2021

"I can fly"

I took a departure from my usual style this month. I found this image of a beautiful red roan mustang that I photographed from above in a barn in May of 2019 and I love how it shows off her mane, but there was nothing but the dirt floor underneath her. "How can I create an image that gives us something to look at -- and gives HER something to look at besides the ground?" I asked myself.

So I looked for an image looking down from above to put underneath her and found this image on Unsplash by Ed Maughan of Wales. It felt ok for a red haired mare to be matched up with the coast in Wales. As I worked on this image, I got the feeling that the mare and I could just fly off this cliff and over the beach and on down the coast. My experience this past month has been of a re-emergence into what feels like a more normal life without masks in public. It has felt freeing and like a taking off point into the future. So here you are, my image for July 2021. May you fly. May we all fly.

This image will not be printed or sold. It is a collaboration with Ed Maughan and is purely for the celebration of life and the beauty on this planet. Thank you Ed. #edmaughan @edmaughan

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