Name Kyle Pericic

Graduating From: Atascadero High School Degree: HS Diploma

Future Plans: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Architectural Engineering


How I was affected: It’s been rough!  I’m a super social person, and for the first 3-4 weeks I literally didn’t see anyone except my parents.  It’s getting better now.  I’m involved in track and cross-country so that’s our big “family” at school.  It’s hard having that and I don’t have any motivation to run on my own.  Now (end of May) we’ve started working some again at Jamba Juice and I’ve just been doing things around the house.


One sad thing was: Missing out on prom.  The juniors plan prom for the seniors and I was looking forward to that.


New things I did while staying at home: I’m learning to play the guitar!  And I’ve been painting a lot more.


What is your school planning for a graduation commencement replacement:  There’s going to be a parade downtown led by a fire engine starting at San Benito School and then going downtown.  Each graduate will get out in front of City Hall and shake Mr. Neely’s (AHS Principal) hand and get our diploma and then a professional photographer will take our picture with Mr. Neely and then one of just us. It will be broadcast on KJUD (radio station) and then a live stream on Instagram I believe.


I’m really contemplating: College and what’s going to happen after we are allowed to get out more.  

Lori’s Summary:  Kyle is immediately warm and welcoming, inviting you into conversation and making you feel at ease.  He is tall and moves like a runner!  He has an infectious smile and jovial demeanor.

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