Featured Image for January 2022


Wild horses are always using their eyes, ears, and sense of smell to inform their next move.  To approach, to run, to move away, to explore… they use the data they collect through their sensing to decide if it’s safe to explore, safe to connect, and ultimately, when it is safe to rest and to sleep. 

I was in a conversation this morning about the uncertainty of the future.  From a grand scale for the human population, the pandemic is still unpredictable, financial investment analysts are shrugging their shoulders, and severe weather events can occur almost anywhere.  L.A. had tornado warnings last month!  So, now is a really good time to go inward and do some personal sensing about what’s really important TODAY. 

Live life like there’s no tomorrow.  Be your ultimate self in every moment, today.

This image was taken in San Luis Obispo on a Return to Freedom photo safari on March 15, 2021.   

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