Featured Image for June 2022

Jupiter is one of the “Making Pegasus” stallions, born in 2019.  He is a Clydesdale whose dam was “Bella Donna,” a Sabino Clydesdale.  His sire was “Thorpe Hill Royale,” 2016 winner of the Cawdor Cup at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh, Scotland.
What’s the meaning of his name?  Jupiter is the chief Roman god, husband of Juno, and god of light, sky, and weather.  I’ve chosen this image of Jupiter for June, since Jupiter and June clearly go together!  Spiritually, Jupiter's energy is optimistic, hopeful, compassionate and generous.

This image of Jupiter (the horse) was taken at Greg Davis' Making Pegasus ranch in Lockwood, California on April 21, 2022.  The background image of Jupiter (the planet), was found at https://mymodernmet.com/junocam-jupiter-photo-northern-regions/  ~ the image was taken with the Juno cam.  
This image of the month has been added to the on line Fine Art Gallery!

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