Featured Image for June 2024

"Dahlia and Cassidy"

Dahlia (on the left) affectionately touches her son, Cassidy, who looks over his shoulder in my direction.  Dahlia was rounded up along with her 3 month old foal Rose, who was taken from her after the round up.  Cassidy was born in the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) holding corrals at Canon City, Colorado.  These two, along with other members of their family band now live at Return to Freedom on a sanctuary in San Luis Obispo, roaming free. 

The process of putting family bands back together can be tedious and time consuming, but RTF works hard to reunite as many as they can.  Sanctuaries often work together, as they did in the case of this family, slowly moving them to their forever home, while allowing them to get their health back, and allowing the foals to get bigger before moving them the longer distances.  The mares were skeletons when they were rescued from the holding corrals in 2022.  They look fabulous and healthy now.

Join us at a future Return to Freedom Photo Safari to see and photograph these horses in a natural herd environment.

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