Featured Image for April 2020


A stallion will collect a group of mares.  A lead mare emerges, based on her sensibility - her ability to utilize all of her senses for the protection and well-being of the herd.  The lead mare is brave and wise.  The whole band, though, work as a collective to survive and thrive.  One of the inherent behaviors of a band or herd of any size is that when it's time to move, they all go together.

During our current experience as humans with the virus epidemic, I've heard repeatedly, "we're all in this together."  No matter our species, and no matter our predator or threat, it's better to deal with it together.

May all be and stay well.

This photograph of Chief's band was taken on May 20th, 2019 at Return to Freedom's Wild Horse Sanctuary location in Lompoc, in California's Central Coast region.
For more information on the Mustangs living in sanctuary, visit the Return to Freedom website.

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