What clients are saying about Lori...

Job:  Polo Tournament Photography, Equestrian Polo Action Shots, Polo pony training photos, Polo player training photos
"The photographers are easy going and relaxed, friendly, and organized.  They have great communication with the players, parents, and event staff."
Megan C. Judge
Manager, Central Coast Polo Club     Coach, Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo) Polo Team     Los Osos, CA
Job:  Sports & Event Photography
"Lori is Awesome & Fun to work with."
William Clough
Captivating Sports Photos          Stockton, CA
Job:  Photography for the Central Coast Pro Tennis Open
"Lori does a great job of managing the overall project. The pro tennis tournament is a very dynamic event, with simultaneous matches happening on multiple courts, over 7 days. Lori did a great job of managing her time and process to be able to capture portions of almost every match and each of the 70+ players."
Chris Foquet
Manager, Templeton Tennis Ranch          Templeton, CA
Job:  Action photography at the California Mid-State Fair Sheep Dog Trial
"Lori's so easy going. Plus she's quiet and blends into the background, which is important during a sheep dog trial."
Fred Temple
Temple Border Collies         Atascadero, CA
Job:  Photo for my new Web site
"My photo session was easy and relaxed and fun. As we moved though my property trying out different locations, it kept getting easier and easier. At the very last, we casually took some final shots sitting on my front porch. My original plan was to only use one photo but the last ones on the porch were so compelling I chose to use two instead. I love what she captured and all of my closest friends were super impressed too. Thanks Lori!"
Sobyl Bunis, D.C.
Atascadero, CA
Job:  Photography, wedding invitations
"She makes it so easy and fun. My fiance and I hate having our pictures taken, but with Lori it felt very natural. We got the best pictures anyone has ever taken of us. And our invites that she designed are just perfect!"
Riley (Brown) Glau
Creston, CA
Job:  Atascadero High School Senior Portrait
"What stood out abour Lori was her creativity in finding the perfect setting to shoot and her positive attitude (it couldn't have been easy working with an apathetic teenage boy)."
Mika Temple
Atascadero, CA
Job:  Senior pictures (Kyle and Kate)
"Lori is easy to work with, gave us plenty of options and her creativity stands out."
Johnnie R.
Arroyo Grande, CA
Job:  Senior pictures (Jessica)
"Lori had the desire and patience to get a lot of pictures and make sure they all were good."
Oregon City, OR
Job:  Photography Services
"The first time Lori and I worked together, I hadn't taken professional photos in at least 15 years. I felt nervous and uneasy about the process. Lori helped me feel at ease right away. We talked about my vision, she listened and guided me through the process gently. I loved how well she captured my personality the first time, I called her back for a second branding shoot several years later when I needed to update my website. We clicked again right away and Lori captured images that showed my true essence again."
Teena Lewis
Business Consultant          Los Angeles, CA
Job:  Headshots
"Lori is thoughtful and incredibly creative by nature, so she allowed me to feel at ease and genuine while she worked her magic."
Stephanie Squibb
Westlake Village, CA
Job:  Portrait and Headshots
"Lori is a genius at what she does! While I deeply wanted the essence of who I am to shine through, I doubted whether this was possible, especially since I tend to freeze up in front of cameras. Lori has an eye that sees and captures everything. She captured me in so many moods and it was never about “sitting and smiling for the camera”. I was stunned, in the best possible way, when I saw the photos themselves. My first thought, “Wow! Is this really me?” Yes, it is!!"
Meenal Kelkar
Ventura, CA
Job:  Portrait, yoga poses and Headshots
"Lori is amazing! One of the best decisions I made, I still use those photos to this day, they really capture my heart."
Beth Hazelton
Thousand Oaks, CA
"I have had the pleasure of working with Lori a few times over the past ten years. Specifically, she provided pictures for a presentation I did on lessons learned while in Brazil; she took photos to illustrate stories my partner and I were writing to allow family members to connect with loved ones with dementia; and, most recently, she provided beautiful nature photos for my website.
Lori is the consummate professional. She is an excellent listener and always hits the mark in producing photos to fill the need and then some! She is patient, creative, and has an artist's eye. I couldn't be happier with the work she has done!"
Lyn Wiltse
Kirkland, WA
Job:  Two wonderful food photo shoots
"Lori took some great food photos. I really look back on that day as just being so much fun. Lori is adventuresome, intuitive, and amazing to work with."
Lisa Valantine
TrueFoodBeauty.com          Thousand Oaks, CA
Job:  Maternity and Newborn Portraits
"Lori had an incredibly calming, sweet, and nurturing demeanor. She took newborn photographs of our first two sons, and as everyone knows the first couple weeks with a newborn are a bit trying but having her in our home taking pictures was really wonderful. She was kind and easy to work with and of course most importantly the photographs were gorgeous. Those two boys are already 5 and 6 and I still remember her fondly!!"
Andrea L.
formerly of Camarillo, CA
Job:  Head shots and custom shots of yoga teachers performing various poses
"What stands out about Lori is her smile, her professionalism, and her unique way of drawing people out of their shells to create something she envisioned that was beyond anything any of us could have imagined. She has an eye, she knows how to get a look, and if you let her run with it, you will end up with the most amazing shots you can imagine."
Ericka Bryant
Owner, True Yoga          Westlake Village, CA
Job:  Head shots, yoga poses, images for web site
"Lori is an outstanding photographer. She has shot photos for my web site for several revisions and I will certainly use her again and again. The quality and emotion she puts in to her work is unsurpassed.
People love my web site and frequently make comments about how personable my site and photos are. That’s enough for me!"
Christine Troples
Finding Wings         Shell Beach, CA
Job:  Lori managed photography for our quarterly publication Conejo365. She was also a photo contributor.
"The photography aspect of the content grew and become more creative and became critical to the magazine."
Mike Corridori
Editor-In-Chief, Conejo365           Westlake Village, CA
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